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John Eagle
(757) 727-2222

Vanessa Mabry
Administrative Secretary III
(757) 727-2222

Information Technology is responsible for all technology infrastructure and enterprise software systems across the division.  Our goal is to implement, maintain, protect, and share information management systems that enable us to make informed decisions. We are dedicated to providing relevant and meaningful information in a timely manner to support administrators, teachers, and parents as we work together to educate our students.

Information Technology provides support through several teams:

  • Building technicians (located within the schools) for general support and repairs
  • Software and solutions developers for student information, financial, transportation and other school information systems support
  • Infrastructure/engineers for data center, local and wide area network, telephony and video surveillance systems
  • Student Information System (SIS) end user support specialists for operation of the student information system

Building technicians provide laptop and desktop support for teacher, student and administrative personal computers, repairs and related requests through a team of approximately 18 building technicians.  The building technicians also diagnose and repair audio-visual systems such as Promethean interactive projection systems and access to network resources, servers and related systems.  Building technicians also provide support for benchmark and SOL testing, video surveillance systems, printers and other peripherals. 

Software and solutions developers produce custom software solutions for end-user needs, including state and federal mandated reports, student performance analysis, systems integration and process automation.  The development team manages student information systems interfaces and upgrades, custom configurations and reports, and recurring operational tasks.  Developers also manage the division’s enterprise financial system and several departmentally based applications including food services, transportation, special education and custom applications for special circumstances or requirements.

Infrastructure team members are engineers responsible for the data center including climate control of the facility, backup and disaster recovery operations, management of the databases, servers and appliances.  The data center currently houses over 15 terabytes of data.  Data center operations also include management of the division’s security systems, Internet filters, e-mail, Google Docs, single sign-on, authentication and support systems.  The infrastructure team also oversees the local and wide-area networks, school-based servers, wireless and remote access, cable TV within the schools including broadcast facilities, the VOIP telephone system and video surveillance systems.

The SIS support team provides support directly to teachers and administrators for the proper use of the student information system.  The SIS team assists teachers in the recording of grades, attendance, configuring the electronic gradebook, filing disciplinary infractions and related classroom information activities.  SIS support also assists administrators for production of report cards, progress reports, processing of disciplinary dispositions and related school activities.  SIS support also provides assistance with guidance activities such as scheduling, transcripts and course planning, and support to the division for enrollment, state and federal reporting, special programs, athletics, special education and related SIS activities.

The Department of Information Technology is complemented by the Department of Information Literacy Services which provides instructional support to teachers for integration of technology into curricular activities.  Information Literacy also manages media services through school libraries and operates the division’s library management system. 

SIS Support
Aileen Girard
Database Manager
(757) 727-2219
Rubenia Felton
IS Support Specialist
(757) 727-2058
Alicia Brewer
Senior IS Support Specialist
(757) 727-2074
Lynn Robinson
IS Support Specialist 727-2056

Chris Martin
Senior System Administrator
(757) 727-2222
Clint Rudd
Assistant System Administrator
(757) 727-4912
Stan Coaker
Network System Administrator
(757) 727-2220
Greg Borenstein
System Engineer II
(757) 727-2009
Jeff Appleholm
System Engineer I
Rick Powell
Network Support Supervisor
Michael Marse
Network Support Specialist
Donny Reed Bass
Network Support Specialist

Software & Solutions Development
Bryan Nicely
Applications Database Administrator
(757) 727-2054
Stephanie Collins
Senior Programmer Analyst (SIS)
(757) 727-2057
Richard Dietz
Senior Programmer Analyst (SIS)
(757) 727-2208
DeWitte Wilson
Programmer Analyst (SIS)
(757) 727-2017
David Jones
Oracle Technical Analyst (eBusiness)
(757) 727-2055
Paul Moser
Senior Programmer Analyst (Transportation)
(757) 727-1556
Maria Lopez
Programmer Analyst, Filemaker
(757) 727-2109

Technology Repair
Jeremy Farries
Thad Franks
Jeremy Bradley

Asset/Inventory Control
Mary Baker
(757) 727-2041

Tech Support
Patricia McFadden
Technology Support Manager
(757) 727-2226

Building Technology Support
Specialists-36 sites

Kathy Brookman
John Matteson
Ronnie Black
Dan Dunlap
MaryAnne Gaus
James Caldwell
Susan Bowers
Tara Abaya
Chris Grase 
Doris Orgain
Tammy Peatfield
Cynthia Wooten
Timothy Taylor
James Zanders
Robert Zieber
William Muth
Lamont White
Charles McTeer
Logan Porter
Robert Karhnak
Michael Winston
Nick Nagovich
Selena Yi

Technology Support Specialists - Career and Technical Education

LaTarsha Keen

Telephone Support
Eric Royal
(757) 727-2221

2016-2018 Educational Technology Plan Addendum


Hampton City Schools is a regional leader in educational technology and remains ahead of the curve nationally in its commitment and focus on preparing students for the changing economy and global learning in the digital age.  The state required 2010-2015 Educational Technology Plan and 2016-2018 Addendum are aggressive but achievable plans to optimize technology in the learning environment and enable new ways for teaching, learning and conducting research.  Click HERE to view the 2010-2015 Educational Technology Plan and HERE to view the 2016-2018 Addendum.

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HCS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age or other protected classes in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Robbin G. Ruth, Executive Director, Human Resources, One Franklin Street, Hampton, VA 23669 757-727-2000. 

1.     PURPOSE

Hampton City Schools (HCS) is committed to making its website accessible for all, including individuals with disabilities, and strives to ensure accessibility currently and as new technologies emerge.  The division welcomes questions and feedback on the site’s accessibility at each development phase.  By clicking on “Contact” at the upper right of the main webpage, all users are able to “Help Resolve a Concern,” “Share a Story,” “Provide Feedback,” and “Ask a Question.”  Additionally, the Contact Us page provides direct email access to HCS Webmaster Vickie Carper,


HCS’s computer systems and networks include all of the computer hardware, operating system software, application software, stored text, data files, electronic mail (email), local databases, externally accessed databases, CD-ROM, optical media, clip art, digital images, digitized information, communications technologies, and new available technologies. 


The HCS website is designed and monitored by HCS Webmaster Vickie Carper, who serves as the gatekeeper for website content and accessibility.   The Webmaster is under the direction of the Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing, supervised by the Director of Graphics.

Web visitors using assistive technology who may have trouble accessing information on the website may contact the HCS Webmaster,, the Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing,, and/or the Director of Graphics,

When submitting a question or concern via email, “accessibility” should be included in the subject line.  Every reasonable attempt will be made to address the user’s concern within twenty-four hours.  To assist HCS in responding appropriately, all inquiries should include the following information:

·      A description of the accessibility concern or question;

·      The webpage address of the requested material;

·      The format in which the user prefers to receive the material;

·      The user’s contact information, including preferred method of contact.

Some documents on the website are in a portable document format (PDF).  The Adobe website provides a free service to convert Acrobat PDF files to other formats, including text and HTML.  Adobe’s web-based tool will quickly change an Acrobat file into an HTML file or textile.  The online PDF conversion form is available on the online conversion tool for using Adobe Acrobat.  With this tool, users can read PDF files with a screen reader.  Adobe and the Trace Research Center also offer a free Acrobat conversion service that converts PDF files to text or HTML format by sending a user’s request via email.  All individuals with internet service can access the online conversion tool for using Adobe Acrobat PDF website.


HCS monitors all technology resource activity and requires all employees, students and individuals with access to HCS computer systems and networks to annually read and sign an Acceptable Use Policy.  See School Board Policy IIBEA for Students; School Board Policy GBBB for Employees.

Prior to posting new website content, the HCS Webmaster determines if the proposed content meets the criteria of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  Periodically the HCS Webmaster checks the website with a recognized website checker such as 508 Checker and WAVE.  If the audit identifies issues of concern or content errors that impede accessibility to any user, the concerns/errors are evaluated and remedied within a six-week period.


HCS’s website and computer systems and networks are provided on an “as, as available” basis.  HCS makes no warranties, expressed or implied, without limitation, regarding the fitness for a particular purpose regarding any service provided by the system and any information contained or software used therein.  The division uses hardware and software provided by third-party technology vendors.  Therefore, the division does not warrant that the functions or services performed by, or that the information or software on the system, will meet the user’s requirements.