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Michele Vinnie

Curriculum Leader



April Rollins

Administrative Support Specialist



Leslie Strachan-Williams

Elementary Mathematics

Teacher Specialist



Cindy Baird

Elementary Mathematics

Teacher Specialist



Ashley O'Malley

Secondary Mathematics

Teacher Specialist



math testAll students can learn mathematics and deserve the opportunity to do so. Recognizing the diversity among children, Hampton educators do not expect all students to learn mathematics in the same manner, using the same resources, and in the same time frame. Instruction, therefore, focuses on an activity-based, hands-on system of delivery wherein students utilize a wide variety of manipulatives, calculators and computers to transition them from concrete understandings to pictorial representations before they embark upon abstract concepts.



Hampton City Schools Mathematics Department is united in our commitment to empower all students to succeed, embrace diversity, and encourages lifelong learning with respect and without compromise.


cartoon rulers in a classroomMission
To ensure that all children in the K-12 HCS Mathematics program develop the mathematical knowledge, skills and understandings needed to thrive in the 21st Century, college, and workplace environments.


HCS Mathematics Department Focus Areas

  • Building Conceptual Understanding
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Problem Solving as a Process

The Elementary Mathematics primary focus is to empower all students to become mathematical problem solvers who see the importance of mathematics and use it to make sense of the world around them. To achieve this vision, we embed problem solving, conceptual understanding, and differentiated instruction to maximize student learning.



The Secondary Mathematics Department is primarily responsible for the development and implementation of all high school credited mathematics courses in middle and high school. Our primary goal is to provide support for a meaningful, interesting, and rigorous mathematics curriculum, aligned with the State of Virginia’s SOLs, the Advanced Placement Curriculum, and the International Baccalaureate Program. We are eager to serve our community of learners so that our students have the necessary mathematics preparation for continuing education and the workforce. In addition, we help our students understand the joy of an involvement with mathematics in a recreational setting. It is our consistent desire to provide the best mathematical instruction for all of our students in an effort to help them recognize the lifelong value that mathematics offers.


Secondary Mathematics Course Offerings

Course I
Course I Honors
Pre-Algebra (grades 6)
Course II
Course II Honors
Course III
Algebra I
Algebra, Functions and Data Analysis (AFDA)
Algebra II
Algebra II/Trigonometry

Computer Math
Elementary Functions
Probability & Statistics
AP Computer Science
AP Statistics
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
Family Living and Finances (modified diploma)


For information call the HCS Mathematics Office: 727-2470