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Ashley Ide
Curriculum Leader


Margaret Tsosie
Margaret Tsosie
Teacher Specialist


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Kim Hatfield
Administrative Support  Specialist
Language Arts/Social Studies

The Social Studies department is committed to ensuring that all students are college, career and life ready by offering a comprehensive social studies curriculum.  The Hampton City Schools social studies curriculum focuses on ensuring students master the appropriate content knowledge, gain valuable career and life skills, and have opportunities to engage in the discourse of historical and current events.  The curriculum allows students to collaborate with others to problem solve and engage in critical thinking, develop leadership skills, and build a sense of self and purpose by examining multiple perspectives throughout history. Through teaching history, geography, economics, civics and the social sciences we intend to develop students who are empathetic, aware, active and productive citizens in our democratic society. 



Vision: The Hampton City Schools Social Studies Department is committed to developing empathetic, aware, and independent critical thinkers who are active participants in our democratic society. 

  • To promote the core content of history, geography, economics, civics and the social sciences. 

  • To help students build empathy, awareness, and respect for all cultures and contributors to our society by teaching multiple perspectives. 

  • To help students learn to ask questions and use what they know to be critical thinkers to solve problems in our communities and society. 

  • To guide students to realize their potential as contributing members of our democratic society through thoughtful discourse and active participation.

HCS Social Studies Focus Areas

  • Providing a solid foundation of background and core content knowledge

  • Building a wide ranging vocabulary that will be enduring for a life-long learner.

  • Promote a climate of questioning: teachers asking questions of students and teaching students how to ask question

The elementary social studies program develops the knowledge and skills of historical thinking, geographical analysis, economic decision making, and responsible citizenship. The program provides a perspective for how these areas fit together for studying the world, the nation, the state, and the city of Hampton. Elementary social studies instruction provides elementary students with a foundation of the basic values, principles, and operation of American democracy and citizenship, an introduction to various ancient cultures of the world, and introduces students to the history of the state of Virginia.


Elementary Learning Objectives and Essential Skills


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade (Virginia Studies)

The middle school social studies program continues to build fundamental skills in history, geography, civics, and economics within the context of United States history. The two-year United States history program for sixth and seventh grade provides opportunities for more depth while the eighth grade course continues to expand the development and operation of American democracy with particular emphasis on the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Thinking skills are developed while students examine historical issues and events.


Middle School Learning Objectives and Essential Skills

6th Grade - US History to 1865

7th Grade - US History 1865 to Present

8th Grade - Civics and Economics

The comprehensive high school program offers students many options as they prepare for postsecondary education and/or the workforce. Technology plays an increasing role in classroom instruction.


High School Learning Objectives and Essential Skills

World Geography

World History & Geography to 1500

World History & Geography 1500-Present

Virginia & US History

Virginia & US Government

Virginia Department of Education: History & Social Science Standards Of Learning (SOL) & Testing site


Course Offerings